• Have a question? Want to email us?
    Talk to Garrett.

    Garrett Doran has been in the community for four years, you may have even seen him around!

    He leads all the engagement and consultation for the project. Reach out to us at garrett@ourpurfleet.com

  • Have a question for your Community Design Panel?
    Talk to John.

    John Rowles has been a dedicated member of the Purfleet community for over 16 years and Chairs both the Purfleet Forum and the independent Purfleet Community Design Panel. We are sure you must have seen him about!

    John is committed to ensuring the community play their vital role in the development of Purfleet and can be reached at purfleetourcentre@gmail.com

  • For enquiries about Quartermasters' state of the art media, film, and TV complex,

  • or suggestions for this website please contact Ding at dingding@urbancatalyst.co.uk.


Opportunities for businesses will arise as the project progresses through its timeline.

Please register here with your name and email, as well as a note about the services your business offers — this will be saved down to the supplier database for Purfleet Centre Regeneration Ltd.

This website has been established by Purfleet Centre Regeneration Limited (PCRL) of 95 Jermyn Street, London SW1Y 6JE. PCRL is undertaking the Purfleet Regeneration Project in partnership with Thurrock Council.