The Partnership

The PCRL Team

Purfleet Centre Regeneration Limited (PCRL) is a joint venture between Urban Catalyst and Swan Housing Association, in partnership with Thurrock Council. It is chaired by Sir Tim Laurence.

Other key partners are Keltbray and Regeneration Investments.

Thurrock Council Partnership

The long-term relationship with Thurrock Council is at the heart of PCRL’s delivery strategy. We have built a fantastic relationship and both teams recognise that by working together, as strong partners, we will achieve successful outcomes over the months and years to come. Thurrock Council’s ambitions match the project team’s ambitions, with the aim of together creating a thriving environment that provides homes and services, alongside significant employment and educational opportunities.

Community Partnership

From day one, we have been sensitive to any community concerns and this is why the community has been involved from the outset. Leading with best practice from the outset, our partnership is transparent, inclusive and designed to set new standards.

Building on our experience of working with public sector partners, we follow the principles of inclusion, engagement, consultation and continuous involvement.

Visit the Our Purfleet page for more information on community consultations and engagement, and to submit your ideas using #OurPurfleet on social media.