Future Public Consultation Events

Check back here for details of all future public consultation events.

Past Public Consultation Events

We are committed to engaging the local community in the regeneration project and have held a number of public consultation events. Including:

October 2022: On 4th October we hosted a 'You Said, We Did' open session in St. Stephen's, Purfleet, to feedback how the community's ideas shaped plans for the new railway station and Market Square. Download the full slides here

Summer 2022: Community Consultation sessions around the proposed designs for both the new railway station and the Market Square.

March 2022: Second round of community consultation focusing on the new Purfleet-on-Thames Market Square. Including a design workshop with the Community Design Panel, and an open public consultation event hosted online via zoom on Wednesday 6th April. Download the idea here

Feb 2022: First round of community consultation regarding the new Purfleet-on-Thames Market Square, which is set to be the heart of the new Town Centre.

6 October 2021: Greening Purfleet-on-Thames, Community Webinar. Illustrating the plans for green infrastructure within the regeneration plans and explaining what green spaces can be expected in the new Purfleet Town Centre. Download the slides here.

4 May 2021: Community Webinar: "What does the future of Purfleet-on-Thames look like? Infrastructure updates."

29 April 2021: Community Design Panel feedback session

20 April 2021: Community Design Panel presentation focusing on the proposed interim railway station

20 April 2021: Community Design Panel feedback session

13 April 2021: Community Design Panel presentation focusing on the proposed changes to the London Road and bridge

30 March 2021: PCRL joined the Purfleet-On-Thames Community Forum to present an update on the regeneration project alongside Keltbray, the contractor who have started on site preparing the ground for Phase 1A. Download the slides here.

26 January 2021: Virtual Purfleet-on-Thames Community Forum meeting and AGM. A presentation from the PCRL team on the latest updates for the Town Centre regeneration project, Including Phase 1A which is underway on site, and more information about the longer-term plans for an NHS Integrated Medical Centre (IMC) within Purfleet-on-Thames.

22 September 2020: Virtual Community Design Panel Meeting with 25 attendees, talking through an updated project timeline, S73 and Site Wide Conditions and how to continue and progress community engagement as the programme begins work on site later this year. To join the Community Design Panel, please email Garrett garrett@OurPurfleet.com or speak to the Chair, John Rowles.

23 June 2020: Online Community Engagement Webinar Event, outlining the proposed Section 73 amends to the Purfleet Town Centre regeneration plans. Followed by a period of online consultation with the opportunity to submit feedback prior to submission of the Section 73. Slides from the webinar can be downloaded here.

12 May 2020: Virtual Community Design Panel meeting

1 February 2018: Purfleet community consultation

7 December 2017: Purfleet project open day

29 June 2017: Community design workshop 

11 April 2017: Design workshop with local businesses

13 April 2017: Design workshop with leaders of local institutions

19 April 2017: Design workshop with young people and older people

21 April 2017: Design workshop with local residents


The Purfleet-on-Thames Community Design Panel

We’re looking for people to join the Purfleet-on-Thames Community Design Panel. This will give you a chance to get involved and give your thoughts and feedback on the regeneration scheme.

To find out more, email: garrett@OurPurfleet.com or alternatively speak to the Design Panel Chair, John Rowles.